What do you mean by “Risk Free” Auction Packages?

Because you don’t need to buy your auction packages until after they have sold at your auction, these items are Risk Free. We give you a price for each auction package and you decide what price to open the auction at. Should the auction package not reach the desired level that you set as a minimum and you don’t sell the package you are under no obligation to purchase the package from us and no fee will be incurred. Should the package sell at auction simply purchase the package on-line or give us a call at 888-857-2257 to arrange payment.

What determines which certificates we qualify for?

When posting a certificate to Beagle Packages, our partner experience providers indicate which organizations and causes they support. Most support all 501(c)(3) nonprofits in some capacity with a fully or partially donated certificate. Their preferences determine the experiences you see in your Beagle Packages dashboard and the percentage of the winning bid you would keep if you sell the certificate.

Do the auction items have images?

Yes, every auction package comes with text explaining the items as well as an image that can be used for your auction as well as pre-auction marketing materials.

How many people are these packages for?

The majority of these packages are for two to four people but we do have some packages for larger groups. The quantities for all aspects of a package are clearly stated. In almost all cases we can take an existing package and customize it for you to include a larger group. Please feel free to contact us to discuss this further.

Will we owe anything if a certificate doesn’t sell?

Creating your account is free, and you will not owe anything if a certificate doesn’t sell. We’ve designed our program to minimize your risk whenever a certificate doesn’t sell or sells near the starting bid.

Can you customize a package that is currently not listed on your website?

We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with the exact experience that will best suit their auction and are happy to customize packages for all of our clients.

How do winning bidders receive their certificates?

After your event, log in to your Beagle Packages dashboard to report winning bid information (name, email and amount) and pay your invoice. Once we receive payment, we’ll email winning bidders their certificates. The certificates contain redemption instructions.

How long are the packages valid for?

Most packages allow the winning bidder a year to book and two years to travel from the date the package was sold.

Can I sell more than one of these packages in my auction?

Yes. We have multiple quantities of nearly every package we offer. It is important to always sell the same package at the same price so that initial bidders aren't upset that the same package was resold at the same event for a lower price.

Are these auction packages easy to book?

Yes, Our concierge department will handle all of the booking details for each package sold.

How much should we sell the packages for?

While packages can sell for 50% above your cost, we recommend that you start the first bid with a 15% profit margin.

Should we provide our winning bidders with any written confirmation at the event?

Yes. We recommend giving the winning bidders a copy of the pdf that we provide for every package, which includes a description, image and terms and conditions for the package. Along with the pdf. provide the winning bidder with a letter that tells them they will be receiving their certificates in about 30 days and provide them your phone number so they can call you if they have any questions.

How long will it take to receive the redemption voucher upon ordering?

Once payment is received our concierge department reaches out to each winning bidder and issues them a redemption voucher within a day.

Can a winning bidder add to or change details of their package after the auction?

Yes. Our concierge department will asset and quote all winning bidders for any changes, modifications or add ons they request.

Do your packages include airfare?

No. However some of our clients have successfully coupled our trips with donated airline tickets or air miles.

Do our winning recipients book their travel through Beagle Packages?

Yes. All reservations must go through and be confirmed by Beagle Packages before recipients can travel. Email is preferred method of communication to handle reservations.